Love-From My Spirit Allies

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On a recent journey to my spirit allies, I asked what they could tell me about love.  This is what they said:

“You have seen inside your heart, and you know it is a beautiful place, but you feel that most people are not worthy to be there.  And it may be true that most people are unworthy.  If you let people who are not worthy into your heart, there may be pain and disruption, but it is through pain and disruption that we receive the most growth.”

I was then shown a gerbil in a plastic ball, rolling across the floor, and was told:

“He can not be hurt inside the ball, but he is cut off from all of his senses and his feelings.”

I found these words to be quite relevant, especially in my case.  I have been hurt beyond repair by people who were important in my life, and have not let anyone else become close to me for a very long time.  So, after these wise words from my spirit allies, I must decide: Do I open my heart to the joys of love as well as the pain of emotional growth, or do I stay safe and protected in my plastic ball?

Love heart uidaodjsdsew

Give Thanks.

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Wise words from Tecumseh:


When you arise in the morning,

give thanks for the morning light,

for your life and strength.

Give thanks for your food

and the joy of living.


If you see no reason for giving thanks,

the fault lies in yourself.

Good or bad.

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Part of the process of awakening is the release of judgment regarding events as to whether the event is good or bad, and to detach ourselves from a particular outcome.  The following story has been told many different ways in many different cultures.  This version was told to me by and American Indian friend of mine who got it from her grandmother:

Horse watching

A 12-year-old Indian boy was given a horse by his uncle so he could start joining the men on their long distance hunts.  The boy’s mother and aunt were talking the next day, and the aunt said, “That is a good thing that your son can now go on the hunts with the men.”  His mother simply said, “It could be.”  The next day, while he was practicing his riding, the boy fell from his horse and broke his leg.  The aunt shook her head, and clicking her tongue, said, “Tsk, tsk.  That is too bad.”  Again, the mother said, “It could be.”  A week later, the men and older boys rode out to meet a herd of buffalo that were migrating through a few miles away.  During the hunt many of the men and boys were trampled and killed.  At news of this tragedy, the aunt exclaimed, “It was fortunate that your son broke his leg and could not go.”

The point, of course, is that we do not have enough information to declare an event to be either good or bad.  We can not peer through the curtain in front of the symphony of natural laws that maintain the order and balance of the universe.  These laws are not malevolent, they have no ulterior motive or hidden agenda.  They work to keep everything in balance in spite of what we do.  Events can not be labeled or classified one way or another.  They just are.  At all times there is a higher order at work that we, embroiled in the events themselves, can not see.  We can take comfort in this fact, knowing that we can trust the universe to allow things to unfold the way they should.  “Things happen for a reason” is one of my mantras.  I’ve seen bumper stickers that say “I let God steer my boat,” or “I give the reins to Jesus.”  This is just different vocabulary stating the same thing.  We need to stop trying to control everything, stop deciding if the things that happen are good or bad, and trust that our best possible outcome is coming if we will just get out of the way.  With these thoughts in mind, the often asked question, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” really has no meaning at all.

I am at peace.

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English: Scots pine north of Church Place, Tho...

I’m walking in nature today, the sky is blue, the sun is warming my face, I hear the waters of the river nearby as they slide over the rocks, and I am filled with a sense of inner peace.

Most of the trees have dropped their leaves, displaying their naked beauty that can best be seen this time of year.  Hawk is flying overhead, catching the currents of air while watching for prey down below.  Crow speaks to me, reminding me that spirit is all around me and I am surrounded by life.

This time in nature is precious to me, it rejuvenates my spirit and brings me closer to the Earth Mother.  I stay in the present, freeing myself of all thought, filling my lungs with the sweet air that you can only find in the woods.

As I walk over the dry leaves and pine needles, releasing their perfume, my heart overflows with joy and gratitude for this time spent in silence.  I give thanks to Great Spirit, the Goddess, and Father Sun.

And I am at peace.

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Wherever you set your feet is holy land.

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Thank you for these words, Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole.




Wherever you are is home


And the earth is paradise


Wherever you set your feet is holy land…


You don’t live off it like a parasite.


You live in it, and it in you,


Or you don’t survive.


And that is the only worship of God there is.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.


The poetry of Nature.

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These words from John Ruskin resonate in my heart and echo my feelings when I am communing with Nature.


even, dense and old stand of beech trees (Fagu...

There is religion in everything around us,


A calm and holy religion


In the unbreathing things in Nature.


It is a meek and blessed influence,


Stealing in as it were unaware upon the heart;


It comes quickly, and without excitement;


It has no terror, no gloom;


It does not rouse up the passions;


It is untrammelled by creeds…


It is written on the arched sky;


It looks out from every star;


It is on the sailing cloud and in the invisible wind;


It is among the hills and valleys of the earth


Where the shrubless mountain-top pierces the thin atmosphere


of eternal winter,


Or where the mighty forest fluctuates before the strong wind,


With its dark waves of green foliage;


It is spread out like a legible language upon the broad face of

an unsleeping ocean;

It is the poetry of Nature;


It is that which uplifts the spirit within us…


And which opens to our imagination a world of spiritual beauty


and holiness.


English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in S...